Pan Am, 1970-1971

Milton Glaser Design Study Center and Archives archivist, Beth Kleber, and the Pan Am Portugal poster

My research project on Ivan Chermayeff’s posters for Pan Am has just had its fourth incarnation: after presenting my findings in an in-class presentation and on a poster (after the jump) for Steven Heller’s D-Crit course, I later pitched the story (on Heller’s and Alice Twemlow’s reccomendation) to John L. Walters, eye magazine’s editor-in-chief. My article, Flight of the Imagination, came out on issue #73 of the magazine in October. This week, the follow-up post I wrote on the process was published and fully linked on the eye blog. This has been a truly exciting project to work on, and I am looking forward to future incarnations and encounters that may happen.

The poster I designed for my 3000-word essay

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