Playing Japanese

  Kawaee!! That’s what Japanese schoolgirls shriek when they see something irresistibly cute. They make “funny face”, squirm their eyes … More

Humility and Authority

After a reading of Armin Vit’s “Speak Up: Now What?” blogpost (and all its comments), Rick Poynor’s “Easy Writer” text, … More

Wake Up Call

I’ve been living in New York since the end of August of 2008, and ever since I got here, people … More

R.I.P. Tropicana?

The Orange-and-straw Tropicana juice carton left us in the last days of 2008. Another memorable American consumer product icon is … More

Look Around You

A friend reminded me today about the brilliant BBC series Look Around You. Neither of us saw it on TV, … More

Trigger Happy

If looking at friends of friends’ Facebook photo albums or reading TMI Twitter updates is not enough of a time … More

The Long Now

  One of my favorite presentations at the Design and Film symposium last Saturday was Stuart Kendall‘s talk on the … More

Desktop World Map

I can’t really remember when I got my first desktop map of the world. I know that Germany was already … More

Reflections of Truth

The central gallery of the Palace of Versailles is no ordinary room. It was designed, furnished and decorated to become … More

Irma Boom, in 3D

A few days before Irma Boom came to Portugal to give a talk I asked a friend — and true Irma … More