Old Street/Kennington/Brooklyn

Columbia Road, London
July 19th was a pretty special day. Our book launch went really well, were all in high spirits. After we packed up and said good-bye to Leila we managed to catch the last colours of the sun on Columbia Road, headed to a pub, later to pizza, and drank the last mojitos of the night at Justin’s birthday gathering. Well after 2am we headed back on a cab — first stop Old Street, final destination Kennington (me). Shortly after they left the vehicle I found myself alone in a corner of this sort of empty living room on wheels, thinking about the day that had passed, tired and happy. It was then I realised the driver was listening to the radio, and to someone very seriously talking about the history of Brooklyn, New York.
Suddenly I felt this was a good omen, a nice “bridge” to my near future.
I’ll be there in a week.

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